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What makes good design studios great? Obviously, it is the knowledge of unique selling points of a product or service, innovative artistic solutions, proficiency and talent, or, in other words, the ability to create a remarkable product just the way the customer wants it!All these elements are characteristic of LIN-ART design studio. Having marketed their ideas since 2000, a multidisciplined and multiprofessional team of LIN-ARTists offers its expertise and skills in the following areas:

  • logos and corporate stationery

  • company annual reports, booklets, catalogs etc

  • website development, multimedia production

  • 2D/3D animation, video production

  • graphic design, artworks, illustration, comics, maps

  • architectural design, interiors, expo design

  • 3D modeling and visualization

  • industrial design, packaging, gift design and production.

LIN-ART received over a dozen international awards for creative design.

We helped make the brand’s place in the market to a number of exacting customers, including such leaders in their domains as FK-Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, and Eurochem, the plastic fantastic Pepsi Bottling Group, the lords of temperature from the Thermos Company, Moscow State University, the most highly reputed factory of intellectuals in Russia, exquisite Moscow restaurants Turandot, Cafe Pushkin, and Casta Diva, the navigators of financial markets from the Bank Zenit, and such giants as the Russian Trading System Stock Exchange and the Unified Energy Systems of Russia.


You are welcome to join the growing ranks of our devoted customers!

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LIN-ART design studio
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e-mail: dvoriankin@gmail.com

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